Tokyo - Ueno

Around Ueno park

Ueno park is a big park in central Tokyo that contains a huge zoo, several museums and a big pond. It is conveniently located near Ueno station.


The museums are mostly about art; there is also a . I would not recommend the latter since none of the signage was in English.

Ueno Zoo

The zoo is a big recommendation - although you should know I generally love zoos - they featured several animals I had never seen before including an ant eater, a maned wolf and a giant panda.

Ame-Yokocho street

Ame-Yokocho street, just across Ueno station is an old style shopping street crammed with street food and old world charm. If you don’t like busy, stay out. If you are walking the Ueno area, this is a good street to have checked from your list.

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