Tokyo - Roppongi

Roppongi is a neighborhood with quite a reputation. It’s considered one of the most dangerous and criminal areas of Tokyo. It’s Tokyo’s most “western” neighborhood, with a lot of expat activity.

Roppongi is unlike any other part in Tokyo. It’s loud, with big bouncers calling you into shady clubs, tuned cars roaring in the streets and bars where beers cost ¥1400. If you ignore the proppers and watch out for your wallet, there is still fun to be had in Roppongi.

Pro tip There have been reports of people getting their drinks spiked and money stolen; as well as people who were presented extremely high bills for items they didn't even order. Be on your two feet and be wary of the "friendly stranger" that will lead you to a "cool club".

Funny picture: 10-sluts

Bar recommendation Microbrews Ant ‘n Bee

Ant ‘n Bee is a cool little bar offering all kinds of craft beers from Japanese microbreweries. It’s a short walk from the Roppongi JR Station.

The Spider at Roppongi Hills

Directly above the Roppongi subway station you can find a big shopping complex called Roppongi Hills.

In one of the central squares — Roku Roku plaza — you can find a gigantic spider sculpture. This artwork by the French artist Louise Bourgeois is called Maman, French for mother. If you stand underneath the sculpture and look up, you’ll see that the spider is carrying eggs.