Tokyo - Kichijoji

The Ghibli museum in Mitaka

The Ghibli museum in Mitaka is a must see for fans of the Japanese animation studio Ghibli. The museum is rather small but contains a lot of interesting imagery. Rather than focus on the images you can see in the movies there is a lot of unique content made specifically for the museum.

It’s a lively experience with lots to discover - the motto of the museum is to get lost a bit in the world of Studio Ghibli.

I found the mission statement from Miyazaki about what kind of museum he wanted to make interesting.

The nearby park is very beautiful.

Pro tip If you are looking for something to eat around the Kichijoji station (closest station to Ghibli museum) try the Muji Café on the 7th floor of the Marui (OIOI) department store close to the station.

Pro tip The Ghibli Museum is very popular and often fully booked. Buy your tickets in advance! You can find the necessary info on the Ghibli Museum website. If you're in Japan already you might want to try to buy tickets at a Lawson convenience store.