Tokyo - Ikebukuro

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Cat bar

Since most Japanese live in tiny homes, having a pet is considered a luxury only for the happy few with spacious homes and the money to spend on pet food. Also, many landlords forbid to have pets.

Because of this fact, a lively type of business started to pop up all over Tokyo: the animal café. This is a place where you’ll spend some money to be in the companionship of pets. The most common one is the cat bar, but there are also owl bars and reptile bars.

In Ikekuboro, on the 9th floor Tokyu Hands there is a cat bar. For me it was a rather boring place, but then again, I don’t like cats so your mileage may vary. It was 600 yen to get in and the cats were all asleep. I heard a rumor the owners give the cats catnip (a regular herb that’s like heroin for cats) to keep them quiet.

Cat Bar

If you are in Ikekuboro it’s worth it to go to the top floor of Tokyu Hands anyway, to see the kind of weird pets you can buy. I mean, who wouldn’t want Mr. Beetle here in his home?