Tokyo - Ginza

Ginza is another heaven for shopping enthusiasts. If you decide not to spend any money there is still a lot of sightseeing to be done, especially if you’re into glass and steel architecture.

The main Chuo Dori street is lined with tons of malls and relatively high-end shops. On Sundays it gets closed off for cars.


Since Ginza is an expensive neighborhood expect to see a lot of fancy cars on the streets. Japanese seem to tend to prefer sleek high end Mercedes models but you will see the odd Porsche, Ferrari, Corvette and even Lambo.

Sony Center Ginza

There is a Sony showroom in the center of Ginza that allows you to check out the latest tech and gadgets. When I was there there was an aquarium themed show going on where you could both see some small aquariums and imagery filmed with Sony’s high end gear.

Tokyo International Forum

The Tokyo International Forum building is an architectural work of art. If you are into futuristic looking glass/steel architecture definitely take a walk through this building.

East Imperial Palace Gardens

East Imperial Palace Gardens, Tokyo, Japan

The Imperial Palace has a nice garden and provides a nice spacious walking area, but in general there is not so much to see. You can’t enter the palace and the place is so big it almost feels too spacious. After visiting I found it on on a list of top overrated tourist spots of Tokyo and I tend to agree.

Bar Druggist

Druggist is a special cocktail bar - upon entering you are greeted by a bartender in a white costume. He’s a skilled mixologist who will make you the best cocktails. There is no menu and the place seats a limited amount of people - I counted about 15 seats. It’s not so easy to find - in a side street and up some stairs. The cover charge is 1000 yen and drinks are about 1000 yen. Don’t expect beer here - it’s all cocktails, a good whiskey selection and gin. i would recommend to try a Yamazaki highball. This is a famous Japanese whisky. A highball is whisky with ice and water - not the way one would normally drink whisky but it’s surprisingly good.

Soul Bar Doggy’s

This bar is all about soul and 80s music, with multiple TVs looping Marvin Gaye and Michael Jackson videos. The drink selection is good although the owner can be a bit unfriendly. YMMV.

Flagship Muji store

If you decide to visit just one Muji store, make it the Ginza one. The flagship Muji store in Japan contains just about every Muji product and is wonderful to explore.

Soup Stock Tokyo

If you’re in for a snack, lunch or small diner check out soup stock. They offer 1000 yen sets consisting of a drink, foccacia bread and some delicious soup. It’s a chain so don’t expect anything unique