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Nara is a recommended day trip from Osaka. The nice thing about Nara is that it’s so compact. In a single day you can walk through the park and you’ll encounter many temples and deer all around.

It’s especially recommended if you like nature and want to see some beautiful temples and shrines.

Nara park

The biggest attraction in Nara is Nara park. This park contains a variety of sights. There is the Today-Ji temple which is a big, open buddhist temple. Then there is the Kasuga Taisha shrine which is a Shinto shrine tucked away in a forest. There’s open park spaces full of grass, a pond containing turtles and parts that feel more like walking in a big forest.


Nara deer

If you talk about Nara to someone, the first thing that comes to mind are the hungry deer wandering the park. They patiently wait by the places where visitors can buy ¥150 yen deer cookies in order to harras willing tourists. Then they suffer the indignity of being the object of many photographs.

Throughout the park you can find warning signs about the deer which read: “The deer of Nara park are wild animals. They can ocasionally attack people, so be careful.” This is not a joke.

Nara deer warning signs

Todai-ji temple

The Todai-ji temple is the biggest temple in Nara. There is a large walkway leading up to the temple. The site is famous for Big buddha hall or Daibutsuden.

Todai-ji temple

Kofukuji Temple

Kofukuji temple

This temple is a bit further from Nara. If you are staying in Nara for more than a single day it’s a recommended visit. The area has a few temples next to each other. The main temple has a five storied pagoda. If you pay for entry you can get a combination pass to see the temple and the National Treasure Museum.

Bar recommendation: Bar IPA

Across from Kintetsunara station, you will find Bar IPA in a basement cellar. It’s a nice establishment if you’re looking for some food and a good beer to drink.