Nagasaki - what can I say? I didn’t really like this place. We walked around Nagasaki and joked that the translation of Nagasaki must be “nothing to do here”. There is an H-Bomb museum which we didn’t visit (because we already went to the one at Hiroshima). However, from fellow travellers we did hear that the Nagasaki museum is better than the Hiroshima one.

Gunkajima (Hashima)


Nagasaki did have one big hightlight though and this was a place called Gunkayima. Basically it’s an island off the coast of Nagasaki that looks like a battleship. If you’ve seen the James Bond movie Skyfall you’ve already seen Gunkajima - some scenes were filmed there.

Unfortunately due to a recent typhoon we couldn’t enter the island. Normally the ferry takes you to 3 “landing spots” where you can go on the island to take pictures. You don’t get to explore the island on your own though. One guy was lucky enough to convince some local fishermen to take him to the island to shoot. You can see his pictures on Flickr.

Glover Garden

Glover garden

Glover garden is a garden that contains some Western style houses. Many attractions in Nagasaki are related to European settlers coming to Japan via Nagasaki port - this is one of them.

Food: Sasebo burger

A famous Nagasaki dish is the Sasebo burger. Basically it’s just a hamburger with a lot of bacon. No objections here!


Accomodation stayed at: AKARI hostel. A bit of a mediocre hostel.