Storing your luggage

There are lockers available in almost every station in Japan. Storage for a big bag usually costs 400 to 600 yen for 8 hours. If you want to store it for longer you have to pay the price again. The system is based on calendar days to the double pricing kicks in at midnight. Most lockers only accept 100 yen coins although the odd one will be modern and use PASMO/Suica.

Lockers are emptied by station staff after three days.

Storing your luggage in the station can be a good way to see a town without actually staying there. For example, in Himeji there is little to see except the castle, so there it’s a good idea to visit the town on your way to somewhere else, storing your gear in the station.

Pro tip During holiday seasons it can be impossible to find a locker in a station. Tokyo station has the JR baggage services which will keep your bag for you. Alternatively, it might be worth asking a hotel to use their luggage room for a fee. Some hotels will store your bag for a day for ¥500.