Convenience stores

There are plenty of convenience stores and conversely few actual grocery stores/supermarkets. A lot of them are open 24 hours especially in the bigger cities.

The most common ones are 7-11, FamilyMart and Lawson’s. There is also MiniStop, Sunkus and Daily Yamazaki.

For a traveller, the most useful convenience stores are 7-11’s since they have a WiFi service and their ATMs actually work for travellers.

In a convenience store you can buy just about anything you need to get through your day comfortably. Here’s a short list of what you can do/get in a typical convenience store:

On offer are buy drinks, food, beer, cigarettes, magazines and some everyday items.

The food selection is limited but you can buy things like breakfast buns, chips, noodles, ramen and sometimes even sushi.

Pro tip If you're craving a Western-style snack try the egg salad sandwiches.

Pro tip Sign up for 7-11's 7Spot service in advance and remember the credentials so you can easily log in if required.